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When the ambassador of peace, Prem Rawat, published his novel, "When the Dessert Blooms", he uses art to impart people with knowledge. Obviously, the best-seller, which was written in Spanish and published in 2018, has changed millions of lives into serenity. Apart from that, painting equally has a great impact on people, especially the youths, to foster the culture of peace within.

Among the efforts by peace advocates, it is important to talk about the Peace Painting Foundation. Since its creation in 2007,the organization has enrolled over 3,000 participants from all over the world. To know more about this foundation, let us discover its fundamental objectives.

Peace Painting Foundation gives workshops on painting

As a self-governing organization, Peace Painting Foundation is in charge of running workshops on painting in many parts of the world, including outreach regions, especially war and disaster zones. They target all kinds of age groups in the workshops, including children, youth and adults. Workshops usually take place in a common platform.

Participants from all over the world paint together regardless of their races, age, skin color. The objective is to induce equality and peace among nations. During the workshops, participants are encouraged to work together and share their ideas with one another.

Raising self-awareness through creative education

The goal of the Peace Painting Foundation is to promote creativity in the participating members, in order to make them more aware of the importance of peace building and peacekeeping. In addition, the workshops impart the attendants with the ability to take peaceful conflict resolutions.

The foundation helps developing the participants' creative talent; in addition, the workshops organized by the foundation help distressed children, youth and adults express their thoughts and dreams through arts. They can learn from the other participants how to address conflicts through non-violent approaches. The paintings are then exhibited and get consideration from important leaders and decision-makers.

What messages are conveyed in the paintings?

Through the exhibitions, all participants, including children are empowered to convey their messages about building lasting peace in the world. The objective of the exhibitions is mainly to convey the messages that the workshop participants convey about sustainable peace building, by respecting human values and meeting their needs. Furthermore, they aim at inducing actions and initiatives to improve the living conditions of us, especially for those who inhabit in war-torn and conflicting areas.

Depicting peace through colors

Workshop artists are encouraged to express their ideas using different kinds of colors; they are to convey the beauty of having different kinds of races living together and helping one another. Participants use different colors to embody their feelings, emotions and dreams. Their painted dreams about establishing sustainable peace are expressed freely, which gives them new hope to be heard so that their problems will be solved.

In brief, the Peace Painting Foundation aims at promoting peace among people and nations; regardless of their differences. The workshops that they organize foster inner peace and mutual respect in each participant. Obviously, this reinforces what Prem Rawat says that the world is at peace upon the discovery of inner peace from each individual.