Using art to promote peace

Using art to promote peace

For the majority of people, peace can only be transmitted through education or sharing where representatives like Prem Rawat are essential guides. For many people, art is limited only to the various objects exhibited in Museums and that it is used just for decoration or as a simple means of entertainment. But on closer inspection, art is of great importance for peace. In fact, inner peace like that taught by Prem Rawat, just like peace in society can all be transmitted through art.

Art is essential

Art is essential to society. Creators and artists are called upon to attract the attention of the public to ask questions about and reflect on their environment. Through art, society will understand and take a closer look at their daily lives. That will cause some discomfort among observers in their relations with the universe. Art will generate emotions in them.

Through his art, the artist will try to make the spectator understand his interpretation of the universe. In his work, the artist will often reveal his experience and what is really happening in society. In other words, the creator will tell his personal experiences and facts in society through his art regardless of the nature of it such as a song, poem or painting. His works will touch the public and therefore, those about peace will share this peace, teach it to the public and above all make it known beyond horizons.

Art is a complement to society

It is important to consider art as a complement to society. To this end, it will be a means for leading the public to see themselves through a representation and not to be satisfied with the beauty of art. Art is not only the masterpieces exhibited by a talented artist, but everyday life can be too. Art is present in every moment of life. As a famous artist said, everyone makes art without realizing it because everyone is an artist of his life.

In short, no society in the world can be devoid of an artistic expression at one time or another in its daily life. Art represents the originality that it is of an artist but especially of a society, of a people. Thanks to this originality, a sense of belonging follows which induces peace.

Art as a political or anti-political medium

Art has always been considered a "free" activity. Artists rarely follow the same rules as other workers while doing their job. They do not have to confine themselves to the same constraints, or to exhibit the same result frequencies. Thus, art has always been considered to be outside the sphere of influence of political power; especially since almost everyone can create art. Therefore, art has served as a propaganda tool on many occasions.

Sometimes in support of the political power in the place, and sometimes in opposition. Pamphlets, parody works, graffiti, caricatures, etc. In modern societies, art is an extremely powerful medium which is often invited into political debate. Art allows the population to be a political decision-maker and thus be at peace to finally be an instrument for spreading peace in their country.

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